Water For Africa

In 2019, RCF began and partnership with Water For Africa. Water For Africa love people, and believe no person should have to live without clean drinking water.  People are the foundation and focus, they are the drive and passion for what the team do on the ground. 


46,000,000 people in Tanzania and Uganda do not have access to clean drinking water.

Water For Africa are working hard to change this statistic and their main aim is to ensure that everybody has access to clean drinking water.

 Water for Africa is working very hard to build truly sustainable water projects that are held to a measurable standard of success over the long term. The team are less interested in an ever-growing tally of projects, they love to see lives changed. Completing the installation of a pump is not the end of a project — it is actually only the beginning.

To find out more about Water for Africa, visit their website https://waterforafrica.com.au/clean-water/