East TImor - Day 6

It's been an absolutely beautiful day in Dili today. We started the day with a good breakfast to nourish our bodies, but it was little compared to that which nourished our hearts.

We spent most of the day on a beautiful Timor beach, over looking the mountains. The view was spectacular, a true representation of God's love for this place. The picture behind our little picnic was almost as beautiful as those we shared the picnic with all the girls. We danced, laughed, made sandcastles, shared food, played games and climbed trees with them.

The stories of these daughters, mothers, and now, our dear sisters are ones of despair in the past but hope for the future. They talk of simple joys, like nail paints and hair styles.They talk of deep sadness, like wanting to be accepted by their families. Stories of unimaginable tragedy and stories of grand grace. Tales lined with plots of violence and heroes of hope.

And they don’t even have to speak our language. They communicate in smile, in kindness and in the language of love. They speak it fluently here.

Oh and some of us might have also picked up some Tetun.... Ita bonita los. You...are...beautiful...

The day ended with dinner at the entry house for girls joining the project, appropriately named Hope House. They cooked us an incredible meal, we all sang some songs and they gave us another lesson in love. Such a special evening.

As I go to bed tonight, I can only think of how fondly God looks upon these precious girls as they live their lives for Him.

Timor, Ita bonita los. You and your people.

Alex McKellarComment