East Timor — Day 4

It was time for the staff to have their training day in stress management. Once again, Ria, Kizzy and Rosie did a wonderful job and at the end, there was a staff member literally lying on the floor with laughter as the room erupted over some self- defence demonstrations with Rosie and a staff member. He actually thought she was going to attack him!

Other team members spent time doing craft and playing games in the preschool and at the crèche, helping out so the staff could attend the training.  A large parachute we brought to play games is a real hit!

After lunch we took a tour of the main local food market which was very interesting and huge. 

Dinner was at Happy House where the girls, led by Jipora, had cooked a huge local fish for us. Afterwards they sang  for us and were so exuberant. It was easy to see how it got the name Happy House. 


What a day, finished off with a visit to the rooftop at Discovery Inn where we debriefed to the sounds of restful music with a gentle Timor breeze cooling us off. 

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