East Timor - Day 3


Highlights today:

Watching the sunrise at the statue of Jesus on the hill. 

Ria and Kizzy, with tech support from Nipuna, leading a training course in stress management for the girls which included self defence moves by black belt Rosie which were a real hit.    

Mary, Simone and Nadia taking time in the crèche to feed, play and sing to the babies while Mindy, Mina, Quinn and Marie did craft activities with the preschool children. 

Dinner at Happy House with babies, small boys and their mums. Singing with them to end our evening. Watching a baby fall asleep totally upright in Nipuna's arms. 

Hearing stories of resilience and restoration in the lives of these beautiful girls. 

Having our cancelled boat trip on Monday turn into a flight instead with MAF to get to Atauro Island and at a cheaper price. 

Lowlights for today:

Hearing stories of abuse and injustice beyond our comprehension. 

One team member getting sick. 

Amanda RoweComment