India - Day 4

We headed off nice and early with Kerry, Ian and Susan for the day trip to Dhulian.  This is an area North of Murshidabad where a lot of the trafficking of girls begins and Freeset dream of one day very soon beginning a business to offer the girls alternative employment.  

We tried a delicious aloo paratha for morning tea along with a chai and continued on our journey. Upon reaching the town, Kerry filled us in with some key information and then we headed down to the Ganges river where some were brave enough to wade in a little.  We caused quite a stir, as western women are not a common sight here,Minot to mention the horde of children following us excitedly.

We were then taken on a tour of the brothel area by the madam and our hearts broke to see the conditions these beautiful (and some very young) women "work" in.  She also has a dream for the women to have an alternate means of employment and is cooperating the Freeset in trying to make a better life for the women.

After lunch it was the long ride back to our hotel with the added excitement of finishing the last couple of kms into town on the top of the bus, true Indian style!  They even stopped at the fuel station mid-way to fill up!  We met a lovely lady at our hotel a few nights ago and she invited us to her beauty salon for an Indian makeover so some of us went there in the evening but unfortunately a couple of people were starting to come down with a bug.......



Dipping in the Ganges. 


Beautiful little girl in the village. 

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