Goodbye Rwanda

Today we start the long trip back to Perth. We said goodbye to Gisenyi and drove for four hours into Kilgali, the capital city of Rwanda. Along the way we stopped at AEE to see the completed guesthouse. It was great seeing our renovations in use.

We said farewell to Leah as she caught an earlier flight to continue her holiday in South Africa. We then went to the markets to top-up on Rwandan tea and coffee, which we've become so addicted too!

In the evening we went out for a nice dinner with John (CEO of AEE) and his family. It was a lovely way to end our trip. We are so grateful to John and the AEE staff for all they've done for us. John felt the same way and said "Thank you for sharing your time, resources, but most of all your heart for what we do."

Tomorrow morning we're taking a quick visit to the craft markets to pick-up souvenirs before heading to the airport to continue the long journey home. We have mixed emotions about leaving - we're excited to see our friends and family, but we're also sad to leave behind the special friends that we've made during our travels (including Pippa and Claude who are staying on), but it's okay because we'll always have Rwanda in our hearts.

If you have enjoyed reading about our adventures, why not get in touch to discuss our one of our upcoming impact trips?

With love,

Dorky, Meenie, Belly, Scotty, Manny, Pippy, Gleny, Josie, Sally, Danny, Leahy and Claudie!  

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