Rwanda - Day 11

This morning 14 of us piled into a small wooden boat to go on a ride on Lake Kivu (which is 2,500 square kilometres in size). The boat wasn’t maintained to Australian standards, that’s for sure! At all times one of the boat operators was scooping water out to prevent us from sinking! Along the way we stopped at some natural hot springs which have formed by a volcano, but unfortunately they were too hot to swim in.

We then split up to enjoy some time off. Dorcas and Dan had a coffee, Scott swam in a pool at one of the local hotels, while Josie, Bella, Claude, Pippa, Meena, Leah, Sally, Manny and Glenys went to the local markets.

In the afternoon we visited another large group of children. We met them at a soccer field and the Musingas (white people) played against the children. It was an amazing experience and every time someone scored a goal, the large crowd rushed the field to celebrate. The afternoon then finished with a few of the children performing some pretty impressive acrobatics. And like most activities in Africa, we finished our time with some dancing.

After dinner, we were treated to another African dance performance and yet again, we joined in the dancing. It was a great way to spend our last night in Gisenyi.

Alex McKellarComment