Rwanda - Day 10

We woke up in paradise (literally). Our accommodation is called Paradis Malahide and for good reason – the food is amazing, we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches (by Rwanda’s standards) and astonishing views.

In the morning we left paradise to visit one of the local Child Development Centres. Like most places we visited, we were greeted with song and dance but today was especially cute because the children were so young. Glenys read a children’s story, while Claude interpreted. We taught them about Australian animals and we were impressed that one child knew what a platypus was.

In the afternoon we split into small groups and visited different ‘self-help’ groups. The men visited a welding group of eight guys who are supporting themselves through making doors and window frames. The women visited weaving groups who support themselves by making hand-woven baskets. At the end, we gave each group as a gift of encouragement. Each group broke out in a dance of celebration.

In the evening we sat around a fire debriefing what we’ve saw today. John, the CEO of AEE, commented “You have no idea about how much your trip has honoured the people of Rwanda. Most here can’t even comprehend why a group of Australian’s would stop everything for two weeks just to visit them. It gives them hope as they now know there are people all over the world thinking and praying for them.”

Alex McKellarComment