Rwanda - Day 9

This morning we went to New Life Bible Church (we arrived on time for a change). It was a very multicultural service with an African audience, Russian speaker, and it was spoken in English. While we all really enjoyed the service, it was very different to what we are used to. For example, they clearly didn't use run-sheets and weren't concerned about the service running for two and a half hours. Dan, who usually sings in the choir at Riverview, particularly enjoyed the Rwandese style worship.

After church we packed our bags and embarked on a drive through the beautiful countryside of Rwanda. We saw an inactive volcano, bumped into Claude's sister and after five hours we reached our destination, Gisenyi. Over the last nine days we have seen some beautiful landscapes, but Gisenyi is by far the prettiest and our accommodation is literally right next to Lake Kivu (which looks like an ocean, with the Congo on the other side).

In the evening a group of African dancers performed for us. Josie and Scott joined in and to Dorcas' surprise "the boy can dance." 

Alex McKellarComment