Rwanda - Day 6

Today we visited the Center for Champions, a local school for over 400 street kids. It was one of those days which is almost impossible to capture in just a few short paragraphs.

When we arrived at 7am we were greeted at the gate by the staff and 400 students, who shortly broke out into dance. We followed them into the main hall where the dancing and singing continued, but this time we joined in. All of us made our way onto the ‘dance floor’, which was quickly resembling a mosh pit. After the dancing, Dorcas gave a message on God’s love which received a strong applause. Perhaps she should be added into the speaking rotation at Riverview?

We then ran a few activities for different classes. Glenys, the teacher amoungst us, was in her element and she ran a geography lesson. Sally was having all too much fun as she taught kids how to play Uno. Josie the ballerina ran a dance class based on Australian Animals and could be seen hopping like a kangaroo (to the delight of the staff). Scott set-up a photo booth where the students could get a printed photo of themselves (many of who were flaunting their special bracelets made by Leah and her family). Bella used her artistic flair to help them decorate their photo cards. And finally, Pippa and Manny ran an arts and crafts session where they made face masks. Dan took a managerial position, keeping us all in line.

In the afternoon we took off our teachers hats and just played with the kids. Manny and Scott played Soccer, although they were quickly put to shame by the local talent, although Claude was the referee which they used to their advantage. Meena and the other ladies ran a nail-painting session on the side of the oval.

We retired for an early night, ready for another full day of visiting child-headed households.

Alex McKellarComment