Rwanda - Day 5

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Today we visited two child-headed households, which are exactly what they sound like; a house of children who don’t have any parents or guardians.

Getting to the first household was a mission – the bus was pushed to its limits as it navigated sharp, muddy corners through banana plantations. When we arrived we were greeted by 20 or so smiling children. We took photos and then showed them, which they loved because they rarely (if ever) see pictures of themselves. To our surprise, we then helped them fetch water from the lake, which was 30 minutes away. Some of us attempted to balance the water on our heads … but that didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Along the way Sally made a special friend – Arlina – who aspires to be a lawyer when she’s older. Stories like these make you realise that AEE give these disadvantaged children hope, and so they pursue aspirations which they wouldn’t have otherwise.

We then visited the second household and were greeted by 30 of the children and leaders who broke out into dance and song, and got us to join them. It turns out Manny is quite the dancer! Unfortunately, our time with them was brought to an early finish as a thunderstorm arrived.

Both houses were built by the generous donations from those at Riverview and it was so rewarding to see the life-changing impact made by the generosity of our church. Before we left, we also gave both groups a financial donation along with a shirt and small soccer ball to every child. They were so excited and grateful. As one of the children said “We will try to emulate your generosity, and when we are in a better place we will help others as you have helped us.”

Alex McKellarComment