Rwanda - Day 4

Today it was time for us to roll up our sleeves and renovate the AEE Guesthouse. We split into two groups – the creatives and the not-so-creatives.

The first group (led by Pippa and Bella) designed and decorated over 50 plaques for the guest rooms, so that visitors could easily navigate the hallways and find their room. Our team definitely has talent – the plaques were colourful with amazing designs, some featuring African trees and landscapes, and other patterns to tie in with the rest of the guesthouse. Meena was seen embracing the creative side she never knew she had.

The second group (led by Dan) gave the large dining room a make-over. We painted the ceiling, walls and skirting boards. Many staff stopped to admire our work as they had no idea of how they would even begin to paint the room – we sometimes forget that such a common skill in Australia is quite rare in Rwanda. At one point Claude and Dorcas had a paint fight … I don’t think either side won that one. By the end of the day we had made quite a mess and Josie joked that perhaps we should’ve painted the floor while we were at it, since we were already half way there. In the end we miraculously managed to clean-up after ourselves.

It was an exhausting but very rewarding day. The AEE staff were so grateful to Riverview for our partnership and the resources, energy and time we gave to making this happen. We then made the trip to Rwamagana (one hour into the country), ready to visit a few child-headed households ...

Alex McKellarComment