Rwanda - Day 3

After yet another amazing African breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea, we split into split into two groups. Dan and Claude went to the AEE guesthouse to help with giving the roof a fresh coat of paint, while the rest of us headed-off to one of the local markets in Kilgali. There was plenty of fish, fruit, veggies and fabrics. Our time at the markets gave us an insight into the day-to-day lives of the Rwandese people.

After the markets we visited three memorial sites which was very emotionally confronting. At the first site there was a mass grave where 256,000 people were buried. The second and third sites were churches where the persecuted Rwandese people went seeking safety. Between the two sites 15,000 people were killed and buried. It was unbelievable that such cruel things happened on the very ground that we were standing, especially as it happened only 20 years ago. Dorcas summed up the day well: “You can read about it, watch the films but it doesn't really prepare you for being here. How can humans treat each other in such a way?”

At the end of the day we were sitting around the table, debriefing and processing what we saw when someone asked “Where’s Dan?”. Unfortunately, we left him at the AEE guesthouse. The good news is he made it back safely and got plenty done! 

Alex McKellarComment