Rwanda - Day 2

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It’s Sunday and given most shops are closed, we decided to take it slow. Our morning started with breakfast at the Iris Guesthouse where we’re staying and we honestly could’ve sat on the balcony drinking coffee all day!

Our first outing was to one of the local Presbyterian churches, however we arrived as church finished so we had to make other plans. The phrases “This is Africa” and “Go with the Flow” were used a lot today.

So Plan B – we took a trip into the heart of Kigali in search of the famous Rwandan Coffee that we have already heard so much about. We found a local café where we were treated to coffee that is arguably far nicer than any to be found in Perth (except for Kev's of course). We then took to the streets. The footpaths were a bit rougher than we are used to and we spent a lot of time walking on the road.

After an hour or so we then returned to the Guesthouse where we greeted Leah, who took a different flight path than the rest of us. Unfortunately, it seems that Scott’s luggage was a bad influence on hers, as both are have gone M.I.A!

Having missed the service in the morning, we took a trip into the countryside for a later service. It was about a 90 minute drive and the landscape was absolutely stunning. Winding roads led us through hill after hill after hill. But the scenery wasn’t the only noteworthy sites – motorbikes were everywhere, men in suits were riding pushbikes and cars were dangerously driving all over the road. After surviving a few close shaves Dorcas could be heard muttering ‘Thank you Jesus.’

By God’s grace we arrived safely and were greeted by a few very enthusiastic children. Josie and Bella handed out stickers to the delight of the rapidly growing swarm of children, most of who stuck them to their heads.

The African church service sure was different to what we are used to. For starters; this one was held outdoors on a sporting field, it went for two and a half hours, and most noteworthy, Kids church consisted of a about a hundred children running around on the oval in the background behind the speaker (with no sign of adult supervision). Without doubt, the site of this would have stressed-out our RiverviewKIDZ staff and volunteers.

After all we’ve seen today, it’s truly amazing to see just how happy and joyful the Rwandan people are. It really challenges your definition of ‘well-off’ and is probably the start of many perspective changing days.

“A person’s richness isn’t measured by what they have, but rather what they can do without.” – The Bishop, Kigali Church Service

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