Rwanda - Day 1

Departure day finally came and we left Perth to make the trek to Rwanda. Our first stop was Doha in Qatar, followed by a quick stop on the tarmac in Uganda, and then finally Kigali (in Rwanda). All together it was a 25 hour trip and needless to say the Kigali International Airport was a welcome sight. We eagerly waited to collect our luggage, but unfortunately Scott’s luggage was left behind in Doha. We’re hoping that it will arrive tomorrow!

With the help of the African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) we navigated our way to the Iris Guesthouse, where we’ll be staying for the next two days. On the way we were surrounded by breath-taking views – it’s easy to see why they call it the country of 1000 hills. After a great meal (which took one and a half hours to be cooked) we had an early night, ready for another big day tomorrow. Rick Warren is also in town running a conference ‘Purpose Driven Nation’, so we’re keeping an eye out for him!

Alex McKellarComment