Cambodia - Day 10

Late start after a long swim and breakfast and assembled at the coach depot in town to learn that our coach from Phnom Penh had broken down and that a replacement just for our group was already on it's way. After a one and a half our delay of group UNO, sampling local dried fish, and recounting over the kaleidoscope of tour experiences our replacement coach arrived and in no time we were on our way tracking north along Highway 6 to Siem Reap.

Checking in at at our well located hotel near central Siem Reap we regrouped and by tuk tuk drove to the Marum training restaurant (part of Mith Samlanh -'Friends' project supported by RCF) to enjoy top quality Khmer cuisine. After dinner we wandered the busy night markets and had foot massages to relieve the busy-ness of the past few days.



Convoy of tuk tuks!

Amanda RoweComment