Cambodia - Day 9

Last full day at beautiful Empowering Cambodia as the Riverview Team rolled out for 180 children to do science experiments, origami, dancing, nail painting for the girls, cricket for the boys and the blowing of balloons for all the little kids. The air was electric with happiness and laughter as little people proudly wearing their blue, purple or red t shirts with the attractive Empowering Cambodia logo darted in and around the play ground. The Riverview Team blended in well as they led and conducted their respective activities.

A special Christmas lunch was prepared and served by the Empowering Cambodian Catering Team under the supervision of the amazing Chef Nun. After giving grace the combined Empowering Staff and the Riverview Team began to eat and there was silence all round as everyone savoured the delicious roast pork, chicken curry and Kampuchean noodles. Wow - what a treat!

After a group siesta, the team was working hard again with the next inflow of children repeating the same activities. Lots more happiness and good cheer! Before long the day was over and it was sad to say good bye to the children.

A celebration dinner attended by the Riverview Team and all of the Empowering Cambodia Team including all staff from the head office in Phnom Penh (who made the special five hour trip) at the traditional Arunras which all previous Impact Trip participants would fondly remember well! Speeches, gifts, funny stories and friendship and bonding that can only come from the result of four intensive days of working together to serve the children who attend the centre. Saying good byes for both teams was predictably very difficult.

We have been incredibly blessed in hundreds of different ways during our time in Cambodia.

Lunch in grass huts.

Niany was a hit painting nails.

We never knew Tama was such a science nerd!

Chef Nun, cooking up a feast for us!

Jo and Jess photographed every child!

Farewell to the children.

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