Cambodia - Day 8

We arrived at the Empowering Cambodia centre to the "overnighters" still slowly waking up over their coffees as they recounted their experience of the beautiful food including the amazing roast pork prepared by the centre cooks and how they awoke to a majestic Cambodian sunrise over the adjoining rice fields.

Leaving the centre we tracked the river (as the fishermen hurled throw nets from their tiny wooden boats) and headed out of town in our tuk tuks for a few kilometres to a rural school to engage the 100 or so children with Christmas gifts, soccer, frisbees and dancing led by Elisabete. Some of the children attended Empowering Cambodia and some did not. It was a great public relations exercise for Empowering Cambodia as all of the children enthusiastically participated in the group activities. The children really enjoyed themselves as some mothers happily looked on. The countryside was breathtakingly beautiful with its wide open spaces of vivid green rice paddies and crystal clear blue skies - a slice of heaven on earth!  

Lunch was also out of town in little bamboo and grass huts over a Water Lilly clad lake where, after our meals, some of us reclined into the many available hammocks for a 10 minute siesta as a gentle breeze kept us from overheating.

A free afternoon to catch up on rest or whatever to the civilised pace of Kampong Thom. Most visited the local market, swam and all enjoyed the many new friendships that have now been made on the Riverview Children's Foundation Cambodian Impact Trip of 2014!

Cambodian countryside.

Alex McKellarComment