Cambodia - Day 7

Swim, breakfast and tuk tuk convoy to Empowering Cambodia to be treated to a spectacular Christmas concert and play performed by the children. Excellent and detailed choreography made for a show that was funny, musical, multi-coloured and all about the birth of Jesus. Well done to the teachers who planned and arranged such a world standard production without compromise - a real highlight!!

Mid morning was the giving of the Christmas gifts. The bewildered look on the children's faces was priceless as they respectfully peered into their gift bags to discover the contents and as they quietly compared their findings with one another. The gratefulness displayed by these children was truly amazing!

Early afternoon about 170 mothers and grandmothers of the children arrived for a women's health workshop run by nurse Heather. After realising we had about 100 more women than planned, a quick dash was made to the local shops to purchase more gift supplies of sanitary ware for each woman. The centre was packed from front to back as word had spread amongst the women.  A much smaller group of men including the impact team boys and the male leadership of Empowering Cambodia joined James for some teaching on the importance of placing our wives first after God. 

The beautiful day concluded with a village visit where we gave out new shorts and t-shirts for the local children and also to see the new two day old calf that was part of Empowering Cambodia's 'Cow Bank' programme. Also a wonderful sunset over the rice-fields before taking most of the Impact group back to the centre for dinner and the traditional "sleep over".

Women at the health care talk.

Amanda RoweComment