Cambodia -Day 6

This correspondent's day started with prayer in the pool before breakfast. Our first full day with Empowering Cambodia with lots of introductions and why Patrick and Carol Kelly founded this tremendous program to bring hope through the love of Jesus in the provincial village of Kampong Thom. One of the few places in Cambodia where there are many elderly as this was the home town of Pol Pot and was thus spared the atrocities of the genocide.

Lots of familiarisation and final preparations for many activities to be performed by the Riverview Team for the children over the next four days. A beautiful and loving atmosphere adorned the spaces and play areas of the centre with a meticulously decorated Christmas tree taking centre stage.

The afternoon was the auspicious river boat regatta hosted by the Empowering Cambodia Yacht Club and Commodore Kelly and his beautiful wife and 100's of enthusiastic motley crew as many intrigued village onlookers watched numerous hotly contested river boat races with capsizes galore. 

Another great Cambodian day ending with a splash and cool down in the Sambor Village pool before dinner and group charades.


Made to feel at home!

Crew Riverview.

Sorting Christmas gifts.

The Rescue Team

The Rescue Team

The spectators 

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