Transform Cambodia

In January 2017 RCF began a partnership with Transform with the sponsorship of two centres, Riverview Centre One and Riverview Centre Two.  Each centre has 110 students and these have added to the growing amount of centres in Cambodia (currently 80). Each Centre is operated by Khmer staff, including: a Manager, a Deputy Manager, three or four trainers, a housekeeper and a cook.

Children are enrolled in carefully selected local schools and attend for six half-days a week, with all expenses covered.

On the other half-days the children attend the Centre, where they receive meals and nutritional supplements, tutoring in their schoolwork, coaching to read and speak English and training in life skills. Each child is mentored to believe in themselves and in their leadership potential.

The children in the program can no longer work on the streets and help to earn their family's income, so the families are compensated by Transform providing them with food. For more details go to