Rwanda is a small, densely populated country located in central Africa. Between April and July 1994 the deliberate and systematic killing of one of the country's major ethnic groups left over 1 million people massacred. The country was left grief-stricken and devastated.

Research conducted in November 1994 to discover the extent of trauma among the youth of Rwanda holds the details of 3030 children aged eight to 19 years across 11 districts. The data speaks for itself:

  • 69.8% saw someone being injured or killed.
  • 79.7% heard someone being injured or killed.
  • 87.4% saw dead bodies or parts of dead bodies.
  • 16% were forced to hide beneath dead bodies to survive.
  • 78% experienced at least one death in their immediate family.

Children and adolescents who managed to survive the genocide represent the future of Rwanda, and serious attention is needed to restore a sense of hopefulness about their future.

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