RCF is partnering with the Hagar Girls Recovery Project, which is meeting the needs of girl victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

As children are rescued from brothels and situations of sexual abuse there is a huge need for safe places for them to live while they heal and rebuild their lives. Hagar's Aftercare program is targeted specifically to address the needs of girls between the ages of 4 and 15 years.

The Foundation is funding a group home for six girls until they can be reintegrated back to their own families or into community care. They live in a family unit consisting of a foster mother and other children in order to provide a sense of stability and family.

The girls receive counselling, legal support, medical care, education and extra-curricular activities such as computing, dancing, sports, arts and craft.

Hagar rescues, protects and empowers these girls by providing a model of high-quality, long-term care.

In most developing countries such as Cambodia, a child with physical or mental disabilities is considered an embarrassment and a burden – a person to be kept hidden away. Families lack the knowledge they need to properly care for their children with disabilities.

Resources to support families who have children with disabilities are very limited and there is often no-one to look after the children when parents go off to work. As a result, children with disabilities are one of the most vulnerable and neglected groups.

RCF also supports The Hagar House of Smiles project which works with children with physical and intellectual disabilities to improve their wellbeing, independence and social integration. RCF is helping to provide education opportunities for these forgotten children.

With the help of specialist teachers, the House of Smiles is running classes for children with disabilities in mainstream government schools. This is a first for Cambodia and is a major achievement in integrating children with disabilities back into society. Find out more at www.hagarinternational.org.