Flame Ministries

Flame Ministries vision is to see slum-dwelling kids inspired and educated, becoming young adults who serve and lead in their communities and beyond. They aim to do this by providing opportunities in education, employment, service and leadership through mentoring, training and community living.

Flame is about inspiration. They connect with slum-dwelling children, and inspire them to leave begging or rubbish collecting and start school or re-engage in education. The goal is that each child reaches beyond their potential, lifting the roof off their current dreams. We call the process of slum child becoming young leader - “The Full Circle” – kids emerge as confident leaders in their communities, inspiring others in education, service and leadership.

Flame is about persistence. Flame believe that a relentless determination to not give up on people is an essential ingredient in seeing individuals reach beyond their potential. Optimism and faith in a better future motivates and brings eternal transformation. With the necessary knowledge, skills and support people can be empowered to make better choices. These result in lasting changes which ripple into the community..

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